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2015 “Lottery” Workout One

Explanations, Standards, Rules and Range of Motion for “Lottery” Workout One

Workout 1 – 6:00 Minutes

Part A
5:00 Minutes to find your Three Rep Max Snatch

Immediately followed by:

Part B
1:00 Max Effort Bar Muscle-Ups

*All Snatches must be in one continuous motion, no stopping at the shoulders. Power snatch, muscle snatch and full snatch are all acceptable movements.

Workout Due: Sunday, November 9th @ 8 PM CT

Masters 50+

Max Effort Chest-to-bar (C2B) Pull-ups


At 3-2-1: GO, the athlete can begin with a pre-loaded bar on the ground. Athletes must perform 3 continuous touch-and-go Snatches for maximum weight within the 5 minute time cap. Muscle Snatch, Power Snatch and Full Snatch are all acceptable movements, however the bar must move in one continuous motion and not rest on the shoulders. Finally the barbell must touch and go at the bottom between lifts, should you break at any point between lifts, you must restart and complete 3 continuous reps.

As time expires for the first movement, athletes must transition to a pull-up bar for the 6th and final minute of the workout for max effort bar muscle-ups. Only muscle-ups with full extension at the bottom of the movement followed but lock out of the elbows at the top of the movement will be counted.


  1. The score for this workout will be the weight in which the athlete snatches in Part A, followed by a decimal and the number of bar muscle-ups. For Example: Athlete Completes 3 continuous touch-and-go snatches at 275# and 10 Bar Muscle-ups, total score would be 275.10
  2. Athletes must load and unload their own barbells. Starting with a preloaded bar is acceptable however athletes may NOT receive any help from anyone at anytime during the workout. This includes “rolling” or “setting” the bar unless the bar is in danger of interfering with another athlete.
  3. Clips MUST be placed outside the plates at all times during the WOD.
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