The Fittest Experience

2015 TFX Competition Workout Three: Body Control

Wod3 Am B7


For time:
3 Rounds
Handstand walk
10 Ring Muscle Ups

Athletes will walk 10m out unbroken and then 10m back unbroken, should you fall in either direction, you will restart from the beginning of that 10m section until until each 10m handstand walk is completed unbroken.

10 minute cap


Athletes will have 5 minutes to find their 3 rep max, Overhead Squat.


For Time:

4 x 800m Run

Male 1 starts, Female 1 must wait until male 1 returns and tags her in, female 1 will tag in male 2, male 2 will tag in female 2 for the final leg of the relay.

16 Minute cap

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