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2017 TFX Competition Workout: District 9

District9 Thefittestgames

Obstacle Course (District 9)
All athletes will wear a chip to time their course. At the call of 3-2-1, Go, athletes will follow the orange cones around a 2.5 mile course. The Obstacle Course will have 9 obstacles.

The 9 Obstacles
1. Round Bale Wall
2. 5 Gallon Buckets
3. Balance Beam
4. Rope Wall
5. Low Hurdles
6. Army Crawl
7. Telephone Pole
8. Tractor Tires
9. Vaulted Wall

Athletes must approach and attempt to go through each obstacle TWO TIMES before passing. Task obstacles must be completed to move forward.

At three of the obstacles, athletes must perform a task obstacle. On the 5 Gallon Bucket, athletes will farmer carry. Look for multi-colored flags as these will designate on-boarding and off-boarding for the buckets.

At the Telephone Pole, athletes will carry them. Again look for multi-colored flags to designate the on-boarding and off-boarding areas.

At the Tractor Tires, loads will vary from 350-550 pounds. Athletes will flip the tire then hop in and out performing this movement twice.

Each athletes will have judges moderating attempts and execution of repetitions that are prescribed. Obstacles will be 1st come 1st served.

*Details for teams will be released soon

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