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TFX Qualifier Divisions Explained


If you are unsure of which qualifier division you should register for, check out the descriptions below.

Pro/Amateur Division: The Pro Division is aimed for Games and Regionals caliber athletes. Amateur Division is aimed for Regional caliber athletes and those aspiring to compete with an athletic background. Every athlete should be proficient in all gymnastic skills and barbell skills. Athletes ranked in the top 200 in their region would have a great opportunity to compete in this division.

An idea of standards for the Pro/Amateur Division
Clean 185/125
Snatch 135/95
Strict Handstand Push-ups, Muscle Ups, Pistols

Intermediate/Scaled: This division was created to give athletes that are new to competing a chance to earn their spot. These athletes are not proficient, or may not have gymnastic skills such as muscle-ups, toes to bar, or advanced barbell skills such as high repetition snatches and clean and jerks. These workouts will be modified appropriately for this division.

An idea of standards for the Intermediate/Scaled Division
Clean 155/105
Snatch 115/80
Kipping Handstand Push Ups, Pistols, Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Masters Division
The Masters Division is divided into 4 age categories: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, and 50+. To qualify for your respected age group, you must turn that age on or before January 28, 2018. So if I turn 45 on January 28, 2018 or before, I would compete in the 45-49 age division. The top 30 Men/20 Women in 35-39 division move on, the top 30 Men/20 Women in the 40-44 division move on, the top 20 Men/10 Women in the 45-49 division move on, and the top 10 Men/10 Women in the 50+ move on.

The Masters 35-39 and 40-44 complete workouts that are similar to the Pro/Amateur Division. The Masters 45-49 and 50+ complete workouts similar to Intermediate/Scaled Division.

Community (formerly known as Scaled Light)
This division is for the athlete that is looking to take on a new challenge and have some fun competing with friends but does not advance to the TFX competition in January. This division is a great fit for someone that wants to try out an online competition for the first time and support their community. The online qualifier is the community division’s competition!

An idea of standards for the Community Division
Jumping pull-ups with 6 inch distance from head to bar, Hand Release Push-Ups for HSPU scale

You can also look at the TFX Qualifier and TFX Competition workouts from previous years (found here) to get a better sense of what each division requires.

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