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Pro/Amateur Team Division:
The Team format is the same this year as 2017. The team captain will register their team of 2 Men and 2 Women and provide names and email addresses of their 3 teammates along with themselves. You may form a team with athletes at different gyms and in different cities. Your team is not limited by zip codes.

Every team member will complete the workout individually using the Pro/Amateur Division standards. Each team member will individually input their individual scores into the leaderboard themselves. The leaderboard will automatically add up all their team member’s score for one team score. 

The top 20 Teams will qualify as Pro Teams and 21-50th Team will qualify as Amateur Teams at The Fittest Experience. Registration for the online qualifier closes on October 21st at 9pm CT. Register your team HERE.


1. Submit your score HERE

2. Log in with your email you registered with in Eventbrite. You may need to create a password if you have not used this email in FloElite before

3.  Once logged in, it will bring you to a drop down menu where you will select which workout you are wanting to submit a score to.

4. Select your workout, upload your video that includes a link such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, for example, and enter your score.

5. Click submit and your score will be saved into the leaderboard.

6. If you are wanting to redo the workout and resubmit your score, just go back through steps 1-5 to submit your new score.

Team Members will submit their scores just as individuals do. They will log in with the email address their captain registered them with and submit their scores individually.

The Team Leaderboard will add up the scores automatically and will be competing against only the scores of other teams. This format is just like the CrossFit Open.

Any questions on this process, please email

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