The Fittest Experience

The Inspiration Behind “Baseline”


by Lauryn Lax

One of the core concepts of functional fitness is “preparing for the unknown and the unknowable” . . . which is exactly what the 635 Fittest Experience athletes are being called to do this weekend.

The surprise challenge: Complete “Baseline” a remote test of fitness and the first “buy in” for the big show. Athletes have 28 hours to complete and enter in their scores, one week before the onsite event officially kicks off.


Part One: 10 Minutes to Find a 1RM Deadlift
Part Two: Find your Max Set UNBROKEN Chin Over Bar Pull Ups
Part Three: For Time: 3K Row

This year’s TFX competitors will enter the 2021 competition in Central Texas with points on the leaderboard.

The remote unknowable challenge, “Baseline,” was inspired by the benchmark challenge that Dave Castro proposed in his book “Constructing The CrossFit Games,” stating that if athletes run a mile under 5:00 minutes and back squat 500 pounds in one day, it would be a great test of fitness.

We’ll see you on the leaderboard.

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