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2023 Tfx Head Competition Staff

2023 The Fittest Experience: Meet Your Head Competition Staff

This article is a part of a series where we introduce you to the TFX team.

Over the last year our team has been diligently working to take our competition weekend to the next level.

We have elevated our competition staffing structure so that every stage includes additional assistant judges, our head judges and our competition Director of Judges. We have also added an internal Director of Medical, Dispute Judge, Event Testing and Event Oversight Lead, and a Scoring Director.

Say hello to your 2023 Head Competition Staff!


  • Jess Powers: Director of Logistics

I am a former collegiate soccer player, I pretty much played my entire life. When I found CrossFit I fell in love! It filled my competitive desire and it was just a lot of fun. Since then I have competed at CrossFit Regionals and even joined a Pro Football League in Austin for a time. My first experience working TFX was as a judge in 2014 when the crazy ice storm took over Austin. I remember the organized chaos that went on behind the scenes to make everything run as smoothly as possible and I said to myself, “That is how I want to get my hands dirty.”

Since 2015 I have been leading logistics for TFX. From technical writing for all of the qualifier and competition events, running the leaderboard to heading up all scoring and disputes and answering every email that comes through. I’ve probably exchanged at least one email with every TFX athlete at one point or another. In total I’ve directed logistics and scoring for over 25 competitions, and I love it.

The number of athletes that look forward to TFX every year and train day in and day out to be able to push themselves as far as possible, makes all the late nights organizing TFX so so worth it!

  • Kevin: Director of Judges

I bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience within CrossFit; both within the community and competitive atmospheres. I love leading, educating and competing at the highest level and have a passion for helping people find confidence in themselves and reach their highest potential. I have been in CrossFit for 12 years (currently working on achieving my L3) and been part of team judgement since 2016. I have held senior level judging positions at numerous competitions anywhere from box throwdowns all the way up to semi-finals, regionals and the games.

  • Josh Hicks (aka “Hicks): Director of Medical

Hicks has 15 years as a Nationally Registered Paramedic with experience in advanced trauma life support, advanced cardiac life support, critical care, wilderness rescue, flight medicine, and tactical causality combat care w/SWAT. Current Director of Medical and Safety for Loud and Live Sports events Wodapalooza, West Coast Classic, and Granite Games, Director of Medical for Rogue Invitational, Medical Team Lead for the CrossFit Games as well as multiple former Regionals and Invitational events. Owner and Director of The Medic RX Functional Life-Saver Seminar.

  • Stephanie: Director of Scoring

I have my CrossFit L2, been involved with CrossFit scoring since 2015 at the Central Regional. Since then I’ve been scoring team lead at the CrossFit Games for 2 years as well as team lead at Wodapalooza, Granite Games, Syndicate Crown, MACC, MACC Fest, in addition to providing scoring support at West Coast Classic, Iron Belle, and various local competitions.

  • Bri: Director of Athlete Control

Bri joined the TFX team in 2021 as our Athlete Control Director. She is also the Director of athletes WZA, West Coast Classic, and Granite Games as well as head of athlete checkin, gauntlet. Bri is CrossFit Level 2 certified, and the mother of three wonderful heathens (aka perfect fit for Director of Athlete Control).

  • Becky: Dispute Judge

Becky is the CEO of Pack CrossFit and has been a CrossFit L2 Coach for 10 years. She is a 2x CrossFit Games Judge, 3x Semifinal Judge, 2x Online Quarterfinals Judge, and Wodapalooza Assistant Dispute Judge. She is also a Mom of 5!

  • Brice: Event Oversight and Testing Lead

Brice is the Co-Founder of Koda CrossFit which currently has 6 affiliate locations. He serves as the Programming Director and Head of Coaches’ Development for each gym. Brice was 1st introduced to CrossFit in 2007 while he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy and has been active in competitions ever since. Along with competing himself, Brice has organized/directed over 30 CrossFit events along side his team at Koda.

2010- South Central Regional (Indi)
2011- Deployed
2012- Asia Regional (Indi)
2013- North Central Regional (Team)
2014- North Central Regional (Team)
2015- Central Regional (Indi)
2016- Central Regional (Head Coach)
2017- Central Regional (Team)
2018- Central Regional (Head Coach)
2021- CF GAMES (Team)
2022- Mid Atlantic SF (Head Coach)

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