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2023 TFX Throwdown Global Winners

This past weekend 700 athletes in 13 cities across the US took on the TFX Throwdown! Big congrats to everyone that competed and a very BIG congratulations to this year’s TFX Throwdown Global winners, who are all advancing to the TFX Championship in January. Below are this year’s winners and the TFX Throwdown host gym that they qualified at.


  1. Two Pinatas and a Bat, Crossfit Central Downtown
  2. Lagomfit, Skyline Crossfit
  3. Big Dawgs, 107 Crossfit
  4. Steel Works, Koda Norman
  5. Darn Good Dad’s 2.0, Crossfit Central Downtown
  6. CCCF, Skyline Crossfit
  7. RowGains!, Koda Norman
  8. Ironshield, 107 Crossfit
  9. Las Mas Perras The House Down Boots, Crossfit Central Downtown
  10. Aggressively Average, Skyline Crossfit
  11. 99 Probs, Wild West
  12. Please, Just Not Last, Activate Fort Smith


  1. Strong But Dramatic, Crossfit MOB
  2. Koda Golden Girls, Koda Norman
  3. Game For Whatever, Activate Fort Smith
  4. Fancy Handbags, Wild West
  5. Fit Enough, D-Town Crossfit
  6. Avenghers, Skyline Crossfit
  7. Goober Gang, Koda Norman
  8. Sweet Pineapple Ladies, Crossfit Central Downtown
  9. Barbellas, Crossfit Central Downtown
  10. RNH W FS, Crossfit Fury
  11. Ladies of Lumos, Crossfit Central Downtown
  12. MVMT Lab Ladies, D-Town Crossfit


  1. 817, D-Town Crossfit
  2. 3 Koda-Migos, Koda Norman
  3. Jas Hands, Koda Norman
  4. KXN Big Boys, Koda Norman
  5. FHSA, Einhorn Crossfit
  6. Mexican Vanilla, Koda Norman
  7. CFW Dawgs, Skyline Crossfit
  8. The Men and The Boy, Koda Norman
  9. Lumos FC, Crossfit Central Downtown
  10. TexMex, Einhorn Crossfit
  11. Crossfit Fort Smith, Activate Fort Smith
  12. The Fellowship, Koda Norman


  1. Team Man Made, Skyline Crossfit
  2. She Wolves, Crossfit Fury
  3. You Can’t Lift W/ Us, Crossfit MOB
  4. Vintage Peaches, Skyline Crossfit
  5. Koda Mom Squad, Koda Norman
  6. Never Too Old, Koda Norman
  7. Mom Boss, Activate Fort Smith
  8. Power Buff Girls, Skyline Crossfit
  9. Crossfit Kohen Gals, Einhorn Crossfit
  10. RVC Hustle, Activate Fort Smith
  11. Until We Black Out, Skyline Crossfit
  12. Not Old, Just Vintage, Skyline Crossfit


  1. The Three Wizards, Crossfit Fury
  2. Texas Forever, Einhorn Crossfit
  3. RVC Freedom, Activate Fort Smith
  4. Los Tigres Del Koda, Activate Fort Smith
  5. GTA: Quack Attack, Crossfit MOB
  6. TMNT, Crossfit Backland
  7. Crossfit 540, Activate Fort Smith
  8. 2 Men and a Bebo, Crossfit Central Downtown
  9. 3 Amigos, Crossfit MOB
  10. Alex and The Fit Kids, The Pack Crossfit
  11. Blackland’s Brutes, Crossfit Backland
  12. Koda Backups, Koda Norman


  1. Koda Triple Threat, Koda Norman
  2. Threesome, Skyline Crossfit
  3. Alpineapples, Crossfit MOB
  4. Girls Gone Rogue, Skyline Crossfit
  5. Liftin’ Lifesavers, Crossfit MOB
  6. Swole Sisters, Crossfit MOB
  7. Bomb Squad, Crossfit Fury
  8. KXN Anti Heroes, Koda Norman
  9. Goldie Locks, Crossfit Backland
  10. Fleo Trio, Crossfit Backland
  11. All Heat, No Shade, Crossfit Fury
  12. One Beat Girls, Crossfit MOB
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