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Own Who You Are: An Interview with Rebecca Fuselier

Take us back to TFX 2022. What were your hopes and goals for that season? How did that competition go for you? 

When it came to the CrossFit season as a whole, my goal for the 2022 season was to improve on my previous year, where I placed 12 at the Mid-Atlantic Semifinals, and place top 10. Being that TFX is in January, we used it as a primer for the competition season. TFX that year went well. It had a lot of my weaknesses programmed into the competition, so it was a great time to work on those and show off when our strengths were up. Overall, it was a great start to the season!

What do you love about competing? What was it like to experience the CrossFit Games for the first time? What’s next?

What I love most about competing is that you push yourself to new limits. The extra boost you get from adrenaline, the cheers from the crowd, and the excitement of competing gives you superpowers and nothing is more fun than pushing yourself farther than you ever have around people who love to do the same! The CrossFit Games are just the biggest version of that! Now it’s a little nerve-racking, being a rookie and going tease yourself in front of the world, but when you remind yourself that, you are there to be tested in ways of not only physical strength, but mentality, and also take advantage of the opportunity the display WHO YOU ARE and why you belong amongst the best in the world. It can be a lot, but when it is your dream, you just LIVE IT UP, BE AGGRESSIVE, and HAVE FUN! My first year at the CrossFit Games as an individual was something I will never forget! You’ll see me back there!

TFX’s anthem this year was “No Quit”. What do these words mean to you?  

My personal saying that I hold close to me is “No Regrets”, so when I hear “No Quit” it reminds me of that. It reminds me that we are so much stronger than we think and capable of so much more if we just allow ourselves to be who we truly are and chase down the dreams we truly want. I don’t want to waste my time doing something I’m not passionate about, so I try to encourage myself and others, to be themselves, go after those things we want, which leads to relentlessness and never quitting, and ultimately living with NO REGRETS!

Who is your biggest inspiration? What do you admire about them? 

My biggest inspiration is my BOLT community! The people that show up every single day to get the hour of fitness into to better their lives outside of the gym. They are the people that, regardless of their situation, show up, work hard, and cheer others on. This community is always encouraging me to chase down my dreams, and I just want to do the same for all of them! 

When did you get your start in CrossFit? What would now Games athlete Rebecca Fuselier say to the Rebecca who just walked into an affiliate for the first time? 

I started CrossFit when I was 13, back in 2013. My mom dragged me to the gym to do a hero workout with the class. I haven’t left the gym since. It’s shaped my life into this dream world that I live in now. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been led to this incredible sport with even more incredible people in it. I would tell that 13-year-old Rebecca, to keep OWNING WHO YOU ARE, cause it just keeps getting better!

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