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Together We’re Better

Each year during the TFX Online Qualifier, we come together to celebrate so much—from first-timers and first double-unders, to wildly impressive PRs and big-time wins. It’s one of the most special aspects of our season.

But, the entire qualifier process is enriched by the communities that rally together to journey from registration, training, and on to the Championship. As the 2023 Qualifier is set to get underway in just 3 weeks, check out what one of our top Communities from 2022 has to say about it all. We caught up with Einhorn CrossFit, LivingStone Athletics, and Streamline CrossFit for the full scoop.

  1. What, in your mind, makes taking to a challenge like the TFX Qualifier on a community scale so special? How would you describe the energy? 

The TFX qualifiers for us are like a little teaser for the Open. We get so excited to see so many of our athletes at all skill levels complete these qualifier workouts. It’s always so cool to see fellow gym members stick around to help them set up and cheer them on! (Einhorn)

At LivingStone, inclusivity is at the heart of our gym’s PURPOSE. We believe that fitness should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level. Our welcoming community embraces diversity and encourages each member to thrive on their unique fitness journey. This is a space where everyone belongs and can achieve their wellness goals. The energy at our gym is vibrant and motivating, creating a space where you can push your limits while feeling completely safe. We hear it from our members every time! (LivingStone)

When you can get your community behind something that will ultimately benefit the gym and their gym experience, it’s really cool to see how people rally together. What’s especially cool is seeing the members who don’t usually do competitions or log scores take part. It’s like they’ve already bought in because they’re a member, but this becomes the extra nudge they need to feel like they’re really a part of something and that they’re just as important as those who have competed or are always winning workouts.

I think members who have less experience can sometimes feel like they don’t really “count” in making a difference in the community when that is so far from the truth. Here at Streamline, we try to place a huge emphasis on the members who are brand new to fitness, to CrossFit, and who never thought they could do something like this. They always end up surprised at themselves that they CAN do it, and partaking in something like this qualifier is a really good way to prove to themselves that they ARE capable. When members can feel like they are a part of something and like they are helping the gym, it brings a sense of ownership and pride to not only what we do here, but what THEY do here and what they add to our community; which is everything. (Streamline CrossFit)

2, What do you think it means to your members to experience something like this together as opposed to on their own?

For a lot of our members, TFX qualifiers are a big deal and they set a lot of goals coming into them from the previous year so to have the whole gym behind them in support means a ton! They feed off of the energy of others either doing the workouts alongside them or yelling as they push through those final reps. (Einhorn)

Coming together as a community offers a holistic and unforgettable experience that goes beyond individual performance. It’s an excellent time for growth; physically, mentally, and socially while pushing your limits in a supportive and motivating environment. (LivingStone)

It puts everyone on the same level playing field. Again, I think people feel like they can easily do something for other people, but it’s harder to do something for themselves. But what they come to find out is as a byproduct of helping out the gym and the community, they also show themselves that they can do hard things (aka: doing comp-like workouts).
You could argue that they do that every day with members right next to them in class, and that’s true. But I think when there is a comp tied to it, it brings an extra weight of expectation. People can think that only “really fit people” can do comp workouts and that they’ll never get there. But then you put them in a scenario where the pressure isn’t on performance, rather it’s on a cool opportunity for the gym, and they end up doing the workout that they thought “only really fit people” could do.

We saw members who normally never even write their scores down choose to redo a qualifier workout because they had members who were in the same boat as them and felt comfortable and confident enough to better themselves a second time because there was no pressure, but just an opportunity. I think people will always find betterment when they can come alongside others, no matter what it is. But the amount of betterment is always surprising when you can get a whole community of people to back the same purpose. Plus, it’s just hard to not want to be a part of something when your whole gym staff (owners, manager, coaches), whole class time, friends, etc. join in to better a common space that we all love so much. (Streamline CrossFit)

3. Why should other communities jump in and participate?

Why wouldn’t you? Haha if you know it’s going to be something that brings your athletes together and gives them confidence in themselves to compete, it’d be silly to sit out. (Einhorn)

Two Reasons: CELEBRATION & SHARED EXPERIENCE – no matter the outcome, both are a BIG DEAL! (LivingStone)

I think it’s always fun to do things like this as a gym. Everyone wants to be a part of something; show them that community moments like this are something worth being a part of. Plus, all it can do is help your gym. You might as well! (Streamline CrossFit)

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