The Fittest Experience (TFX) is the largest functional fitness competition in the south. We begin our season in January with the online qualifier. Thousands of athletes compete in the qualifier. Some take it on as a fun way to test themselves amongst their peers while others are competing to EARN THEIR SPOT at the TFX competition in May. From the qualifier 1,000 athletes advance to the competition and compete to win over $45,000 in cash and thousands more in prizes.

TFX is a competition that celebrates the elements that make our community great. Our competition is comprised of athletes of all levels of fitness. From the scaled athlete who wants to test themselves in an official competition setting, to the seasoned Pro that is looking to go head to head with the best from around the nation.

TFX is a family-friendly event drawing 3,000 spectators from across the US to cheer on their family member and friends, and perhaps take on the TFX Spectator Tactical Course! This year we are elevating the spectator experience with spectator fitness events and challenges, speakers, and much more!


February 2008

The very first TFX competition was held in Austin, Texas in CrossFit Central’s first 600 square-foot gym. The competition began as a four competition “challenge” that took place once a month over the course of 4 months in Austin, Buda, Burnet and Houston, Texas. The overall winner’s purse was a flight to the 2008 CrossFit Games and their registration fee.

March 2009

In 2009, TFX became a two competition event consisting of a qualifier and a championship. The first “qualifier event” was held at both CrossFit Central in Austin and at CrossFit Dallas Central in Dallas on the same day to support the volume of athletes across Texas. The TFX “championship” was then held in April in Austin. After two workouts, Jeff Reed and Jen Shaw won the TFX Championship.


CrossFit Central chose to forgo holding the TFX Competition in 2010 for the opportunity to host the first ever CrossFit Sectionals at Camp Mabry.

February 2011

TFX moved to CrossFit Central on Burnet Road and across the street at the Lamar Middle School track. We introduced a team division and a 40+ Division. Over 500 spectators came out to the event and 200 athletes competed. Lisa Thiel won 1st place in the Women’s Elite Division. Patrick Burke won 1st place in the Men’s Elite Division and CrossFit Dallas Central took the team division.

January 2012

The 2012 edition was held in a large warehouse in East Austin. We distinguished divisions as Pro and Amateur, a new standard from our previous labeling of Elite and Intermediate and the Heart of the Lion award was created. Candice Ruiz took 1st place in the Women’s Pro Division and CrossFit Dallas Central won 1st place in the Team Division.

January 2013

The first year we held the TFX competition at CrossFit Central’s Downtown location and the first year to move to a two-day event. Over 1,200 spectators came out to gather, cheer and support their community. Megan Norris won 1st place in the Women’s Pro Division, Phillip Kneip won 1st place in the Men’s Pro Division and CrossFit Cedar Park won the Team Division. #Limitless.

January 2014

In the Fall of 2013, “The Lottery” was introduced. This was an online community competition consisting of 8 workouts held over the course of 4 weeks, giving athletes the opportunity to earn entry into The Fittest Experience competition in January. The first place finishers would also receive a cash prize and free entry into the competition. Athletes completed the workouts and submitted their times online. To be considered for the 1st place cash prize, athletes were required to upload video footage of their workout. Emily Cruthers and Pat Burke finished first in the Pro Division, CrossFit Cedar Park finished 1st in the Team Division, Chris Larrazolo and Vanessa Silva finished first in the Amateur Division, Jared Muse and Janet Black finished first in the 40-49 Division, and Michael Goins and Susanne Kraus finished 1st in the 50+ Division. The 2014 TFX competition was held at CrossFit Central in Downtown Austin. 500 athletes took on the competition with a purse over $20,0000, and 1st place Pros, Amateurs and Teams earning NutriForce sponsorships. #TheKingdom.

January 2016



Is the qualifier an online competition or a physical event?

The Qualifier is an online competition. All athletes participate in the qualifier for a chance to compete at the 11th annual TFX competition.

When is TFX?

Dates and details for 2019 will be released soon.

Where do I find the Qualifier workouts?

You can find all previous workouts for the qualifier and competition in our archive.

Where do I submit my Qualifier videos?

All submissions will be uploaded through RedBelt Digital. You will be able to access this through our website, more information coming soon.

Can anyone compete on my team? Or do we have to belong to the same gym?

Nope. Anyone can be on your team. Your team can be comprised of athletes from your gym, your organization, other regions, other continents…your choice.

How do we pick our team?

When you register through EventBrite you will register your entire team. You will need to enter information for all four team members (2 men and 2 women).

I’m not sure if I should compete in the Amateur or Intermediate Division – can I sign up for both?

Yes. If you are on the fence, register for both the Pro/Amateur Intermediate/Scaled Divisions and see where you fall. This will require you to register for both divisions – meaning separate registrations and registration fees. This also mean separate email addresses.

Does that mean I have to perform both the Pro/Amateur and the Intermediate/Scaled workouts and submit scores for both events for the Qualifier?


What is the weight and movement difference between Pro/Amateur and the Intermediate/Scaled Divisions?

Athletes in the Pro/Amateur Division should be able to perform muscle ups, male athletes should have a max deadlift at 350 or more and a max thruster at 225 or more. Female athletes should be able to compete max lifts at 70% of these weights.

If I miss the cutoff for Amateur can I just compete in the Intermediate division at TFG in January?

No. To qualify for the Intermediate & Scaled divisions you must register for that division in the qualifier and Earn Your Spot!

What are the cut off dates for the Masters age brackets?

Masters 35-39: To qualify for this division, you must turn 35 years old by on or before January 26, 2018.
Masters 40-44:
To qualify for this division, you must turn 40 years old by on or before January 26, 2018.
Masters 45-49: To qualify for this division, you must turn 45 years old by on or before January 26, 2018.
Masters 50+: To qualify for this division, you must turn 50 years old by on or before January 26, 2018.

When will the Qualifier events be released?

Dates for 2019 coming soon.

If first place doesn’t submit a video during the qualifier, and I got second place and did submit a video…does that mean I win the cash?


When are my scores due?

Dates for 2019 coming soon.

Do you accept late submission?