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The Fittest Experience


This is where we WIN.

The Fittest Experience (TFX) is the largest functional fitness competition in the south. We begin our season in June with the TFX Throwdown, hosted by gyms across the US for the team divisions. In late September we hold the online qualifier. Where thousands of athletes support their gym community and put their fitness to the test!

Some take it on as a fun way to test themselves amongst their peers while others are competing to EARN THEIR SPOT at the TFX Championship in January. From the qualifier, 1,000 athletes advance to the competition and compete to win over $25,000 in cash and thousands more in prizes.

The Fittest Experience
TFX is a competition that celebrates the elements that make our community great. TFX is comprised of athletes of all levels of fitness. From the rookie athlete who wants to test themselves in an official competition setting, to the seasoned Pro that is looking to go head to head with the best from around the nation.


TFX Championships

Our annual championship held in January is the grand finale to a year of throwdowns and qualifiers.

Gyms Represented

Gyms from around the country send teams of all skill levels to build camaraderie and support each other. 


The TFX community grows bigger and bigger every year. We now have more than 3,000 participants annually just in the competition!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Qualifier is an online competition. All athletes participate in the qualifier for a chance to compete at the annual TFX competition.

The TFX Championship is January 26-28, 2024.

Nope. Anyone can be on your team. Your team can be comprised of athletes from your gym, your organization, other regions, other continents… your choice.

When you register you will register your entire team. You will need to enter information for all team members (2 men and 2 women or 3 men, 3 women).

Yes. If you are on the fence, register for both the Intermediate and Rookie Division and see where you fall. This will require you to register and compete in both divisions – meaning separate registrations, registration fees and score submission. This also mean separate email addresses.





Part of a Gym Community?

The TFX community isn’t just for competitions. It’s year-round, and we want to engage with as many gym communities as we can.

Interested in Partnering with TFX?

Every TFX event needs both competitors and vendors to engage with our spectators. Learn how you can partner with us.

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