Lean Green


 *The above video serves as a demo. Participants MUST follow the standards listed below under the “standards” section.

Lean Green

For Time (8 minute time cap)
Supermans @ 100/60 Lbs
Power Clean @ 115/65 Lbs

Front Wheels Locked
Rear Wheels Free

This workout begins with the athlete standing tall directly over the Bull Frog pad with one foot on each side of the pad.  At the call of 3-2-1 Go, each athlete will mount the Bull Frog and fully extending their arms and legs to full horizontal extension (FHE). This is the beginning position of each exercise. A rep is counted when the exercise is performed properly and returned to FHE. Athletes should hover above the pad 1-2 inches. Laying on the pad or excessive piking is incorrect and will be penalized. Perform 21 Supermans and power cleans, Perform 15 Supermans and power cleans, Perform 9 Supermans and power cleans

Exercises are performed in order and all reps must be completed in order to move to the next exercise. Athletes may rest by standing up or resting on the pad, but they must return to FHE before beginning the next repetition. The workout is complete when the barbell hits the floor after the final rep of power cleans.

The Athlete’s total score will be length of time it takes to complete 45 total repetitions of BullFrog Supermans and 45 total repetitions of power cleans with the prescribed weight. If the athlete does not complete the workout before the 8 minute time cap, their score will be the 8 minutes.


Movement Standards

The “Superman” is a full body exercise performed in the horizontal position. While all muscles are activated simultaneously, the Superman intensifies muscle activation of the upper body and core muscle

  • Begin your Superman by moving your head and shoulders forward while keeping your hips level with your shoulders.

  • Bend your elbows and keep your knees straight.

  • The chin must come clearly in front of the pad.

  • Return to FHE to complete a rep.

Power Clean
The power clean can be used to train speed and force production in both the second pull and the third pull by limiting the amount of time and distance the lifter has available to get under the bar. It can also be used as a clean variation for lighter training days. The power clean can also be useful as part of a learning progression for beginners who are not yet mobile enough to sit in the front squat position.


  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Toes should be pointing out a touch.

  • Squat down and tackle the bar with a closed hook grip. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart outside the knees with elbows fully extended.

  • Place the bar in front of your shins and over the balls of your feet.

  • Your back should be flat or slightly arched, your chest held up and out and your shoulder blades should be pull back.

  • Keep your head in a neutral position with your eyes focused straight ahead.

  • Watch your foot position. The weight should be on your whole feet, not only on the heel.


  • Lift the bar from the floor by powerfully extending the hips and the knees. The upper torso should stay in the same angle. Do not bend at the waist yet and do not let the hips rise before the shoulders.  Keep elbows fully extended with the head in a neutral position and the shoulders over the bar.

  • As the bar raises keep it as close to the shins as possible.

  • Keep it slow, the first pull is a slow one and it comes from the legs.


As the bar passes the knees, thrust your hips forward and slightly bend the knees to avoid locking them. Thighs should be against the bar.

Keep the back flat or slightly arched, elbows fully extended and your head neutral.


  • Quickly extend your hips and knees and stand on your toes.

  • Keep the bar as close to your body as possible. The back should be flat with the elbows pointed out to the sides and your head in a neutral position. Also, keep the shoulders over the bar and arms straight as long as possible.

  • When the lower body joints are fully extended, shrug the shoulders upward rapidly without letting the elbows flex yet.

  • As the shoulders reach their highest elevation flex your elbows to begin pulling your body under the bar.

  • Continue to pull the arms as high and as long as possible. Due to the explosiveness of this phase, your torso will be straight or with an arched back, your head will be sloped back a little and your feet can lose contact with the floor.


  • After the lower body has fully extended and the bar reaches near maximal height, pull your body under the bar and switch the arms around and under the bar.

  • At the same time, flex the hips and knees into a quarter squat position.

  • Once the arms are under the bar, lift your elbows to position the upper arms parallel to the floor. Rack the bar across the front of your collar bones and front shoulder muscles.

  • Catch the bar with an erect and tight torso, a neutral head position and flat feet.

  • Stand up by extending the hips and knees to a fully erect position.


  • BullFrog

  • Barbell

  • Weight Plates


  • Locked wheels may be secured by weight plates on either side of the wheels

  • position the barbell 12 feet in front of the BullFrog

  • Only the athlete can touch the Frog once the Athlete begins the competition


RX (Men & Women)

For Time (8 minute time cap)
Supermans @ 100/60 Lbs
Power Clean @ 115/65 Lbs

IntermediatE Division (Men & Women)

For Time (8 minute time cap)
Supermans @ 80/40 Lbs
Power Clean @ 65/45 Lbs

Scaled Division (Men & Women)

For Time (8 minute time cap)
Supermans @ 60/40 Lbs
Power Clean @ 65/45 Lbs