The Fittest Experience Online Qualifier is a time to challenge yourself and put your fitness to the test! Over the course of two weeks you will take on six workouts. The workouts will be published on Wednesday evening and you will have until Tuesday evening to complete the workouts and submit your scores. The top athletes will advance to the TFX competition in Austin, Texas in May of 2019.

This is for everyone.

Regardless of your age, fitness level or experience this is a unique and fun opportunity to take on workouts with thousands of athletes from across the country! If you are someone that wants to join in the Qualifier fun, but doesn't have the desire to compete at TFX in May, register for the Community Division! This division takes on scaled workouts during the Qualifier and the top male and female win an awesome prize pack.

Challenge yourself, your friends and your classmates — join us this January as we elevate our fitness and our experience.

TFX Online Qualifier
January 23rd – February 5th
Individual: $25
Team (2 men, 2 women): $100
Registration closes Monday, January 28th @ 7pm


We are excited to announce that The Fittest Experience is partnering with Frog Fitness to bring the community Frog Fitness Bonus Events during the TFX Online Qualifier! Winners of each division will receive cash.

All TFX Qualifier participants are automatically eligible to take on the Frog Bonus events. Each week during the TFX Qualifier we will release TWO Bonus Frog Workouts for a total of four bonus workouts during the Qualifier. The top male and female will win CASH!


*You do not have to complete the bonus workouts to qualifier for the TFX competition in May. The bonus workouts are a fun way to test your fitness and perhaps try something new.

TFX Competition
May 3rd - May 5th
at The Travis County Expo Center in Austin, Texas

Important Dates
Qualifier Events Released:
Week 1 Events – Wednesday, January 23rd @ 7PM CT
Week 2 Events – Wednesday, January 30th @ 7PM CT

Qualifier Event Scores Must be Submitted By:
Week 1 Events – Tuesday, January 29th @ 8PM CT
Week 2 Events – Tuesday, February 5th @ 8PM CT

Earn Some Cash

Winner of the online qualifier will be awarded over $20,000 in cash and thousands more in prizes and giveaways. 



  • Pro Division

  • Amateur Division

  • Pro Team Division (2 Males + 2 Females)

  • Amateur Team Division (2 Males + 2 Females)

  • Intermediate Division

  • Scaled Division

  • Teen 14-15

  • Teen 16-17

  • Masters 35-39 Division

  • Masters 40-44 Division

  • Masters 45-49 Division

  • Master 50+ Division

  • Community Division - this division does not advance to the 2018 TFX Competition. Scroll down to read more details.

Number of Qualifying Spots

  • Pro Men – 40

  • Pro Women – 30

  • Amateur Men – 120

  • Amateur Women – 80

  • Intermediate Men – 100

  • Intermediate Women – 80

  • Scaled Men – 80

  • Scaled Women – 60

  • Masters 35-39 Men – 30

  • Masters 35-39 Women – 20

  • Masters 40-44 Men – 30

  • Masters 40-44 Women – 20

  • Masters 45-49 Men – 20

  • Masters 45-49 Women – 10

  • Masters 50+ Men – 15

  • Masters 50+ Women – 10

  • Pro Teams – 20

  • Amateur Teams – 30

  • Teen 14-15 Girls – 5

  • Teen 14-15 Boys – 5

  • Teen 16-17 Girls – 10

  • Teen 16-17 Boys – 10


Divisions and Qualifier Placement Explained

Pro/Amateur Division Male athletes ranked 1-40th will qualify as Pro Division and female athletes ranked 1-30th will also qualify as Pro Division. Male athletes ranked 41-160th will qualify as Amateur Division and female athletes ranked 31-110th will qualify as Amateur Division. Every athlete ranked below that in their respected gender category, will not earn a spot to compete at TFX.

An idea of standards for the Pro/Amateur Division
Clean 185/125
Snatch 135/95
Strict Handstand Push-ups, Muscle Ups, Pistols

Intermediate/Scaled Division
Male athletes ranked 1-100th will qualify as Intermediate Division and female athletes ranked 1-80th will also qualify as Intermediate Division. Male athletes ranked 101-180th will qualify as Scaled Division and female athletes ranked 81st-140th will qualify as Scaled Division. Every athlete ranked below that in their respected gender category, will not earn a spot to compete at TFX.

An idea of standards for the Intermediate/Scaled Division
Clean 155/105
Snatch 115/80
Kipping Handstand Push Ups, Pistols, Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Masters Division
The Masters Division will be broken up into 4 age categories: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, and 50+. To qualify for your respected age group, you must turn that age on or before May 3rd, 2019. So if I turn 45 on May 3rd, 2019 or before, I would compete in the 45-49 age division The top 30 Men/20 Women in 35-39 division move on, the top 30 Men/20 Women in the 40-44 division move on, the top 20 Men/10 Women in the 45-49 division move on, and the top 15 Men/20 Women in the 50+ move on.

The Masters 35-39 and 40-44 complete workouts that are similar to the Pro/Amateur Division. The Masters 45-49 and 50+ complete workouts similar to Intermediate/Scaled Division.

Teen Division
The Teen Division will be broken up into 2 age categories: 14-15 & 16-17. To qualify in your respected age group, you must turn that age on or before May 3rd, 2019. The top 5 Boys/5 Girls in 14-15 division move on and the top 10 Boys/10 Girls in 16-17 division will move on.

Team Division

The Team Division is for Pro and Amateur athletes that want to compete on a team. There are two team divisions at the TFX competition in January: Pro Team and Amateur Team. The team captain will register your team and will be in charge of inputting all the scores for the Online Qualifier.  Teams will need to sign up all four athletes, 2 men and 2 women. If you are not sure about whether to compete with a team or as an individual, you may sign up for both divisions but may need to set up with a different email address. In the case of your team making it and you as an individual making it, you may find a new person to compete at TFX in your place, if you choose to compete as an individual.

Every team member will complete the workout individually using the Pro/Amateur Division standards. The team captain, the one who registered the team, will be responsible each week of entering all the individual scores in for their team. The leaderboard will automatically add up all their team member's score for one team score. 

The teams ranked 1-20th will qualify as Pro Teams and the teams ranked 21-50th will qualify as Amateur Teams for TFX competition in January.

Community Division
This division is for the athlete that is looking to take on a new challenge and have some fun competing with friends but does not advance to the TFX competition in January. This division is a great fit for someone that wants to try out an online competition for the first time and support their community. The online qualifier is the community division's competition!

An idea of standards for the Community Division
Jumping pull-ups with 6 inch distance from head to bar, Hand Release Push-Ups for HSPU scale

You can also look at the TFX Qualifier and TFX Competition workouts from previous years (found here) to get a better sense of what each division requires.

Submission Rules

Competitors are allowed to complete the workouts as many times as desired, but only one submission is allowed. All submissions must be received by 8:00PM CT on the designated day. No late entries will be accepted.

For an entry to be valid, all workouts must be recorded. If you qualify we will request  one of your videos to be submitted. We suggest using the WeTime App or WodProof App to record your workout.

Code of Conduct

In·teg·ri·ty/inˈtegritē [noun]: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. “he/she is known to be a man/woman of integrity”

All participants will be required to sign a code of conduct in order compete in the Online Qualifier. Integrity is expected.

*The Fittest Experience reserves the right to invite any pro athletes to compete in the event.