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Choosing a TFX Qualifier Division

analysis by Dax Garner

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When signing up for the TFX Qualifier, individual athletes are faced with a choice: Should I register for the Pro-Amateur division or the Intermediate-Scaled division? 

Unlike TFX, the CrossFit Open doesn’t have separate performance divisions; we are all on the same playing field and performing the same WODs. So, this allows for a comparison of the 2018 CrossFit Open worldwide ranks for the athletes that qualified in the 2018 TFX divisions last year. The goal is to help athletes choose a division if they participated in the 2018 CrossFit Open. Go look up your worldwide rank (not regional) at Then, use the appropriate chart below to determine the division you are likely to qualify for.


A few fictional examples: 

  • Michael has a worldwide rank of 15,394. Consulting the men’s chart, he finds that he solidly falls in the middle of the Intermediate-Scaled division; thus, confirming his choice to register for the Intermediate-Scaled. 
  • Sarah has a worldwide rank of 3,014. Looking at the women’s chart, she falls into the gray area. The gray area indicated on the charts means that both Pro-Amateur and Intermediate-Scaled athletes had Open ranks in this range. To Sarah, this means she has a decent chance of qualifying for either the Pro or Amateur divisions, but if she wants to play it safe she should pick the Intermediate-Scaled division. Sarah decides to register for the Pro-Amateur division because she has been focusing on her training these last 6 months.
  • Robert has a worldwide rank of 51,234. The men’s chart only goes up to 40,000, and Robert is now reconsidering even registering. No! Robert still has a chance to make the Scaled division. The data has “outliers” where athletes with Open ranks above the max values on these charts did qualify last year. The max values indicate a “high confidence” that you will qualify for TFX. Robert decides to register for the Intermediate-Scaled division.

In the event that you find yourself still unsure where to plant your flag, register for both divisions. This will require separate registrations and registration fees but will increase your chance of advancing to TFX in January. For athletes whose goals are to have fun, represent their gym and take on the qualifier workouts with their friends but not advance to TFX – register for the Community Division! The Qualifier is this division’s competition and the top male and female will be rewarded.

About Dax:
I am an aerospace engineer working on the next manned spaceflight vehicle for NASA, Orion. I write the software that acts as the autopilot for the astronauts. CrossFit Central has been my home for a little over a year, and I have been CrossFitting for almost three years. Analyzing data from CrossFit competitions combines two of my interests, software and fitness. I competed at TFX last year in the Intermediate Division and placed 16th. The question on which division to register for came about as I was trying to decide whether to make the Amateur division or try to place in the top-10 of the Intermediate division. I am looking forward to another year of competition! If you would like more information on this analysis, go to:

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