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TFX Throwdown

One Day Competition

June 10, 2023

Tfx Throwdown

The TFX Throwdown is an idea that our team has been working on for years. We wanted to create an opportunity to partner with gyms across the nation to host TFX Throwdowns—a one day team competition designed for Intermediate and Scaled teams to enjoy an in person comp, have fun with their friends, build community, and qualify for The Fittest Experience in January.

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What is it?

The TFX Throwdown is a ONE day competition in June hosted at partner gyms for 3 Person Teams.

Divisions include RX, Intermediate, and Scaled teams. The TFX Throwdown will also qualify RX, Intermediate, and Scaled Teams for the TFX Championship.

Who is it for?

The Intermediate and Scaled athlete looking to gain competition experience, have some fun, and/or qualify for The Fittest Experience. The RX team that wants to jump in a competition and hopefully qualify for TFX. Anyone that likes fitness, likes to have fun with their friends, and wants to try out a one day competition!

When is it?

The Throwdown hosts will host their TFX Throwdown on Saturday, June 10th. Scroll down for more details.

TFX Throwdown Hosts

TFX Throwdown

Saturday, June 10th

$297 Per Team

How to Participate

How to Qualify?

All teams will complete three TFX Throwdown events at the host gym of their choice. There will be 72 spots open for our TFX Throwdowns: 12 RX Male Teams, 12 RX Female Teams, 12 Male Intermediate Teams, 12 Female Intermediate Teams, 12 Male Scaled Teams, & 12 Female Scaled Teams.

All 3 Person Male teams will compete against one another.
All 3 Person Female Teams will compete against one another.

There will be a global leaderboard over the 15 different TFX Throwdowns. Based on the Global Leaderboard, the top 12 teams from each division will receive an automatic invite to The Fittest Experience in January, bypassing the Online Qualifier. The Global Leaderboard is an accumulation of all local host leaderboards. The Throwdowns will take place at specific host sites on June 10th, the global leaderboard will remain dark until the final Throwdown is complete.

On the global leaderboard, teams placed 1st-12th will qualify as a team at TFX Championship.

NOTE: This is NOT the only way to qualify as an RX, Intermediate, or Scaled team. ALL teams and individuals can register and compete in The Fittest Experience Qualifier. Any team that participates in the TFX Throwdown but does not qualify for The Fittest Experience may compete in the online qualifier in October.

Not sure if you and your teammates are RX, Intermediate or Scaled Athletes? Check out the standards below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your team will compete in the online qualifier

Yes! Our online qualifier will still run per usual qualifying individuals and teams

Yes! You can still compete in the online qualifier

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