The Fittest Experience

’24 Championship Leaderboard Update

Due to a competition team error, the leaderboard has been adjusted, affecting the final standings of 3rd and 4th place in the Pro Mens Division. Below is an outline of the error and the correction.

The TFX competition team was made aware of a potential scoring input error in the Pro Men’s Division on “Atlas.” After internal video review we pulled the athlete’s scorecard and determined that the athlete’s score was inputted incorrectly. The leaderboard was adjusted. The adjustment affected the overall outcome of the podium, moving Matt Brady into 3rd Place and Ben Wise into 4th Place for the Men’s Pro Division.

This appeal was reviewed and corrected based on a data input error, not a workout appeal. All appeals based on the the workout ended after the final event.

Both athletes affected were contacted via email about the error that was made. The Pro Men’s Division was also made aware of the error and correction. Matt Brady will also be awarded the 3rd place podium purse along with Ben Wise.

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