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Division Update

Tfx Masters

We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new addition: 3-person same-gender Masters Teams! These teams are unlocked based on the combined ages of the athletes, with a minimum total age of 120 years required by January 31, 2025.

Here’s how it works: When you add up the ages of your team members, they must meet or exceed the 120-year threshold to qualify.

For example, 35 years + 42 years + 45 years = 122 years (eligible)

Athletes younger than 35 years old by 1/31/2025 are not permitted to create or join a Masters team.

An idea of minimum standards for the Masters Team Division”
Snatch 135/95
Clean & Jerk 185/125
Skills: C2B Pull Ups, Rope Climbs, Toes to Bars, Handstand Push Ups, & Double Unders

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