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The 2024 TFX Championship marked our 16th year of throwing down in the heart of Central Texas. Since the early days in 2009 on site at the OG CrossFit Central location in Austin, TX, we’ve remained vigilant on a path to usher in victories of every kind—big and small—for athletes at all stages of CrossFit. Now that our sweet 16 is done and dusted, we can say with more confidence, humility, and excitement than ever before that we’re only just getting started.

As we think back on some of the stand-out moments from the 2024 edition of TFX, we want to share some of our top reflections as the rest of the season is underway. 

  1. Returning to the heart

2024 marked a major milestone for TFX—becoming a CrossFit Licensed Event. Since we first discovered the power and purpose of the sport in 2005, we’ve experienced firsthand how CrossFit touches, shapes, and changes lives for the better. At our core, we believe this is what makes gathering together more than just another weekend in Texas spent throwing down, a sort of high frequency wavelength felt by so many. 

More than a method to be experienced, the heart of CrossFit traverses beyond the frontiers of just fitness. Leading up to our championship this year, CrossFit announced GoRuck as the new apparel and footwear sponsor of the Games season. GoRuck has been around since 2008 and stands as an embodied testament to the power of hard work, self and collective empowerment, and commitment to something beyond self—virtues we’ve seen woven into the fabric of the sport of CrossFit from the earliest days and shared in CrossFit gyms for close to 2 decades. 

The impact of a partnership between a life-changing cultural fitness movement and a longtime symbol of grit is rooted in the same spirit we have felt propel us to continue to raise the bar and share in victories year over year. It’s the dawn of a fresh renaissance, prompting the community at large to revisit what’s at the core and how that connects us together globally. From the beginning place, the trajectory takes form. Sharing that story is how you champion the journey. And soaring to new heights is how you imprint a legacy into history. 

The Fittest Experience has championed this process for so many athletes throughout 16 years: from first-time competitors to unexpected names launching definitively into the realm of the fittest on earth.

None of this is really new, however. Longtimers of the sport and community know this type of heart has always been the core of the sport of fitness and the culture that has touched us all. So, now as we begin again, it’s natural to celebrate with excitement and hope for even more of the gritty and grace-filled moments that remind us we’re a part of something bigger than any one of us.

  1. Big dreams and bright horizons

This week, we announced the expansion of the TFX Throwdowns, including our first international host cities Queretaro, Mexico and Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. These one-day competitions will take place in June and offer participating athletes and teams the chance at securing a qualifying spot to the 2025 TFX Championship. 

In addition, we’ve added a Masters 3 person Team division to the mix, widening the competitive landscape for age-group athletes looking to share fitness with their friends and dive in together at a high level. 

We believe energy is everything, and the pulse of the TFX movement is the community. Naturally, connecting these things together in more ways ushers in even more possibility for competitive success, memorable moments, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence. From 1 roar to 10,000, momentum builds as opportunity does. 

  1. A culture of sport and people

It’s not just about community. It’s also about culture.

TFX rallies an impressively fit community from across the globe. But our culture that champions heart, hustle, and the kind of grit that you’d expect to texturize the sport of CrossFit reminds us of why we look forward to throwing down together and the growth we stay eyeing as we insist on being better every day. 

You bring your 100%. You show up. 

As in training, so in life when it comes to cultivating the sort of #noquit resiliency legacies are made from. We know it’s rarely easy. But easy is uninteresting. 

Where we square off with struggle is also where we muster the courage to multiply the things we desire to embody. Becoming a champion of the process, a student of the journey, and a legend at life is winning’s most profound testament. That’s why when we gather, we make sure to count every single one. 

Time to light some stuff up. We’ll see ya out there. 
For more information on how to join a TFX Throwdown in a host city near you, visit our website to stay connected.

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